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1. Halal training main objective is to improve and develop halal related knowledge and understanding among        participant so it can be apply in premise. 

2. Halal training shall assist the participants to understand the potential of halal critical point and risk that may      occur in production. 

3. Halal training shall assist participant in evaluate potential Haram and cross contamination and prepare the          best solution to avoid it from the earlierstage. 

4. It is internal mechanism in halal monitoring, controlling, improving and preventing any noncompliance in            producing halal products. 

5. Participant able to develop and manage the Halal assurance system to ensure compliance of the entire              supply chain process with the requirements set by the competent halal authority.


1. Understand the importance of brand consistency and its contribution to the positive outcomes of the business

2. Apply the healthy lifestyle principles and techniques to live a quality life response to stress effectively

3. Identify their social style and guide them to relate and interact better with others and the types of                      customers/clients 

4. Perform services with the desired / un-anticipate standard to create uniqueness of the organization through       continuous improvement system 

5. Handle challenges effectively and change to opportunity to impress the customers 

6. Experience the stages of team development in achieving the desired outcomes through teamwork and quality     service consistency in attracting more clients 

7. Apply the learning experience to motivate and achieve an increased level of energy and higher productivity of     each team members towards the organizational goals 


1. Reaction from the participants through role play and verbal Questions & answers 

2. Learning through written Q & A, role play and video review 

3. Change of Behavior through mystery shopper and random check using checklist 

4. Results through positive guests comment and incremental in business volume / turnover as well as Return        on Expectation.


1.  The public has a considerable interest in food safety and high expectations of those involved in the food             business, but general confidence is sometimes shaken by food scares. Therefore important that food                 businesses have high standards of food hygiene and that these are clear to everyone.

2.  High standards help to create a good reputation for food businesses. In turn this help to boost customer             confidence, prevent food-borne illness, improve the standard and quality of the food, reduce waste and             increase business.

3.  Strengthen and support other quality assurance systems such as ISO and HALAL.

4.  The company can compete with other countries in the globalmarket. 

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